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ABOUT THE BOOK 'The Prophet J. Lorber Predicts Coming Catastrophies and the True Christianity'

   Over one hundred years ago, predictions were made about the universe, the phenomena of the atoms and all physical elements. From 1840 to 1864 a man living in Graz, Austria, heard what he called the "inner word''. He was a music teacher who studied the Bible as well as the works of such men as Emanuel Swedenborg.
   When his call came, he wrote daily, producing twenty-five volumes of almost five hundred pages each, the total of which present an overwhelming evidence of comprehensive knowledge.
    His writings in this book inform us about the real teaching of Jesus Christ, or what has come to be called "The New Revelation". In essence, Lorber's messages enlarge upon the Holy Scriptures and set down God's eternal plan of the universe, His purposes for man, and the great Doctrine of His Love.
    This present book, translated from the German, and coming from Jakob Lorber's obedient and devoted recording, contains significant and deep interpretations, detailed facts on subjects of astronomy, biology, natural science, cosmology, and prophecy.
    That Lorber's prophecies about the end time catastrophies in the present century have to be taken seriously is based on the fact that most of his predictions are precisely confirmed by our modern scientists, astronomers, and by scientific research. Indeed, convincing proof has been given that these messages from a world beyond our natural world are genuine. Further, Lorber predicts that there will not be a nuclear war but that, after evolving catastrophies, planet earth will survive. Thus this mystic and prophet greatly increases our natural curiosity as to what will happen in the future of mankind.


Kurt Eggenstein is the pseudonym of the author of eight books and some forty published articles. In this, his most recent book, his life-long interest in the spiritual realm of life and his qualifications as a gifted writer are reflected both in his comprehensive presentation of material and the obviously dedicated work which preceded it.
    A native of Germany who lives in Mannheim, Kurt Eggenstein founded practical theories and fundamental knowledge which he has successfully communicated to students at German universities and to a wide range of the readers of his books.
    In 1979, in cooperation with the Lorber Gesellschaft (Society) m Bietigheim, Germany, the then Valkyrie Press published Eggenstein's book, 'THE UNKNOWN PROPHET JAKOB LORBER - A PROPHECY AND WARNING FOR THE NEAR FUTURE.' This work represented his first book published in an English translation. Now, six years later, as Valkyrie Publishing House, we offer his second book, also published for the first time in the English language.

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